DNA Match with Robert Southwell and Phoebe Burnett

A new DNA Match via my maternal Autosomal DNA.

DNA is something I have long been interested in, it’s an amazing tool for genealogists and its one that has proved its worth for me time and time again.

Today two of my testing kits matched in with a new couple that I previously had no DNA MATCH for.

Robert Southwell (1792 – 1882) and his wife Phoebe Burnett (1891 – 1845)

Both of these ancestors are maternal and both my Mother and Maternal Aunt share this match. My mother shares most of the DNA – 23.3 centimorgans shared across 3 DNA segments. Giving an approximate cousin match of 4th cousins. Whilst my aunt shares 17.6 centimorgans shared across 2 DNA segments, giving her an approximate cousin match of 5th – 8th Cousins.

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